Able to replace any existing florescent tube in home, offices and industrial areas. Our flagship LED tubes will result in a high electricity saving, more efficient light distribution, and lower maintenance costs. Systems utilize low voltage drivers resulting in close to zero fire risk and maximum efficiency.

  • Colour Temperature: 3000-6500K
  • Electricity Saving: min 50%
  • Lumen / Watt: 198
  • Life span (h): over 65 000
  • Power Factor: 0.985

Available in all standard light fitting sizes as well as 220V or 21V. Able to replace any of the following fixtures:


Open Chanel

  • 2Ft Open Chanel
  • 4Ft Open Chanel
  • 5Ft Open Chanel
  • 2Ft Recessed Fitting
  • 4Ft Recessed Fitting